Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The First Five Years of Marital Bliss - Year 5

When we first got married we determined the "perfect" amount of time to be married before having children was 5 years.  I have no idea where we came up with this arbitrary number but it seemed right at the time.  We decided we would spend this time getting to know each other, having fun, working hard, raising our puppies and just enjoying life.  We did all of that - and I think we did it pretty well.  

About 2 years ago though, I began to get a little restless though about us having children.  I had just turned 30 and thought that maybe 5 years was too long to wait.  I got a little impatient, a trait I may or may not be known for.  So I started planning to have a baby.  After all, they say that it could take 6 months to a year to get pregnant when you first start trying.  When I say started planning what I mean is I did our budget for the next 20 years (yes, I am serious, Dave Ramsey went to my brain), I started my AFLAC policy, etc.  I did all the mechanical things you are supposed to do to get yourself prepared to get pregnant.  

And then began the waiting game.  I figured it would just happen, I would wake up one day pregnant.  I pushed it to the back of my mind and we continued life as usual.  In our 5th year of marriage we did some pretty fun things together that helped to keep my mind off of getting pregnant.  

Aaron became an avid runner.  He decided he was going to run the Portland Marathon.  I, wanting to be the supportive wife, agreed that I would run the Half Marathon as well.  I was CERTAIN I would be pregnant by the time the race rolled around and thus I would have an out.  As fate would have it, that was not in the cards.  So October 2011 Aaron ran the Marathon and I ran (I use the term run lightly) the Half.  It was an amazing experience for both of us.  It was fun to accomplish a huge goal together.  Apparently so huge that I can't find any pictures of the big day!!  I will try to find some and upload them soon.  Here are a couple pictures of other races Aaron ran throughout the year.

Helvatia Half Marathon

Shamrock 15k

Around the time of the Marathon I started to get worried about the fact that I still wasn't pregnant although we had been trying for well over a year.  I decided that in the coming months I would go see a doctor.  In the meantime, we continued to enjoy family time, Blazer games and of course our dogs!

Jesi visiting from LA

Christmas at our house with family

  Blazer Season Opener

Play date with Lucky

Aren't they cute?

All dressed up in their rain jackets

She is a little accident prone

Stung by a bee

Play date with Snorts

What an amazing 5 years it has been!  

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  1. I am SO enjoying your blog - great pictures!