Friday, December 7, 2012

Our first month together...

Our first month with Malia has sure flown by.  She is such a sweet little girl with a big personality already!  She is dramatic and at times extreme - either very happy or very upset.  She has been smiling since the day she was born, something I am told is rare.  She is smart (I am not bias at all!), she can hold her own pacifier and follow people around the room with her eyes.  She is strong and can hold her head up.  She loves to kick and stand up with the assistance of her parents.  She is a lover, her favorite past times are cuddling and holding hands.  She is also beautiful, again no bias here.  She has the most amazing dark brown eyes and a truly infectious smile.  We have fallen completely in love with this little baby girl.  We have enjoyed many first with her over the past month.  Having her by our side makes everything that much more special.  Here is what we have been up to as a family through pictures since we arrived home from the hospital...

 When we arrived home from the hospital our house was spotless and we had flowers and gifts from my mom.  It was such a blessing!

 We had meals for 3 weeks from our amazing friends and family!  
 Thank you everyone!!

 Jessica's amazing menu!

 Yummy meal and visiting with Uncle Steve

 First couple nights home were rough but we made it through

 Malia's first Halloween - 6 days old!

 Malia with her mama and 2 best friends and protectors!

 Her first walk

 We only made it around the block!

 Mommy's girl

 After a week of being at home Aaron and I got a little cabin fever... so the animal got mustaches!

Her first bath

She could tell we were amateurs

First photo shoot

Such a beautiful girl

Many faces of Malia
 Can not get enough of her

 First time at church

 Thanksgiving with Aunt Jesi

 Our little family on Thanksgiving

 Getting our tree

 Decorating our tree - she was very excited!

 Happy baby

 Before mom and dad went on a date together 

 First time on her play mat

 Wearing big girl boots
 At church with her buddy Ben

 Wubbanub Love...
 One month old and getting so big

 Had to put her in her crib to convince myself she really isn't THAT big!

 Our angel, we love you Malia!

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  1. Mary this blog almost makes me cry. To see the love of a mother for her child. Your story is so much like mine. When children come into our lives it is the greatest gift we can receive to take our selves out of "me" mode. I loved John and Seth more than I could/can express. When I had John I was in love for the first time in my life. I know you will be the mother who cherishes every moment, loves every moment. That's the kind of love every child needs. I have no regrets having lost Seth or with John because they were/are loved like Malia. I am so blessed by your stories. You are awesome.