Thursday, January 3, 2013

November Date Night (or day...)

I was warned long before Malia was born that having a baby is difficult on a marriage.  I can confirm, this is true!  Of course nothing we can't handle but Aaron and I have definitely experienced our fair share of trials and disagreements since her arrival.  Mostly due to such an increase in responsibilities and stress and a drastic decrease in sleep and relaxation.  The baby also takes our focus from caring for our marriage to caring for our baby.  

To help keep the spark alive we have committed ourselves to at least one date night per month, as I blogged about here.  November was our first date.  It didn't actually end up being a date "night".  Malia was less than a month old and we felt more comfortable leaving for a couple hours during the day.  So we went to a movie... at NOON!  I have never done that before and apparently neither has anyone else! There was no one there.  It was actually pretty great to practically have the theater to ourselves.  

We watched Flight which was a pretty dramatic movie, not exactly something you just sit back and relax during.  We both enjoyed the movie despite the heavy nature.  I was pretty tired though.  I knew I was some what delusional when I told Aaron that Denzel Washington looked like Malia.  He literally looked at me like I was crazy!  I guess I had the baby on the brain.  It was truly wonderful to get away together and to be able to leave Malia with someone we trust, Aaron's sister Jesi.  She is such a great Auntie to Malia and we are so grateful for her.  Here are a few photos of our date day.    

Had to take a pic with Malia before we left

Love this theater

Shared a lemon drop for old times sake

It was a beautiful day

 My love... 
we were trying to master the self portrait/kissing photo...
Maybe next time!

 Jesi sent a pic of Malia while we were in the movie
Looks like she was frantic without us...

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