Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Showered with Love

I just have to start off by saying, we have the most incredible group of friends and family!  Over the past month we were given two baby showers and we were literally "showered" with so much love, prayer and kindness.  Thank you so much for those who hosted and participated.  We are overwhelmed by your generosity and care for our growing family.  Malia is one blessed baby!  

The first shower was thrown by our care group and was for both Aaron and I.  You will recall we have an amazing group of couples that we meet with every Tuesday to share life with and grow in our relationship with God.  Jessica and April are amazing hostesses and made us feel so loved and cared for.  The rest of our group, who have turned into some of our best friends, brought food and amazing gifts for us.  It was such a special day for both Aaron and I. 

You will notice the amazing decorations!  My friend April has started her own business, Pastiche Party Co.  She is so incredibly talented and did a great job of decorating for the shower.  The best part is that many of the decorations will be perfect additions to Malia's room.  

 Malia Joy Banner 

Beautiful Decor

Yummy Food

Delicious Mini Cupcakes

This table made me cry, instantly... something about seeing our baby!
 I just loved the way Jessica wrapped this... pretty sure this made me cry too!

She is going to be a stylin' baby!

Jennys, thanks Froelich's!

Part of our care group, such lovely ladies!

Jessica and April - the hostesses with the mostesses :)
Remind me to wear heals when I take pictures with supermodels!
 My amazing husband and I!

The second shower was thrown by some of the best friends a girl could ask for - Serina, Hollie and April.   They all went out of their way to make sure that the day was special, paying attention to even the smallest details.  Many of my closest friends and family were able to make it.  Two of my favorite parts of the day were praying for Malia as a group and hearing parenting advice from my wise friends.  Knowing that so many are excited for our family, praying for Malia and here to support this new phase of our lives truly blesses me beyond belief.  Thank you for all those who attended and made this day so special for me.  The kindness that you have shown our growing family is amazing and I thank God for each one of you.   

They did such an amazing job decorating!

 It was all fun and games until it started raining :)

Mimosa Bar and Red Velvet Cupcakes - YUM!

 The beautiful gift table

Love all the colors 

 Let me tell you about my friend April... she rocks!

Oregon Food Bank girls - love them!

 Some of the amazing women I get to call friends

Very best friends a girl could ask for!

Malia's room after the shower, we are blessed!

A special thank you to Jessica, April, Serina and Hollie.  I am so blessed by each one of you.  You are amazing examples of true, honest, kind and generous friends.  I treasure each one of you for your insight as well as your compassionate loving hearts.  Thank you so much for your kindness and excitement for Malia.  I truly love you guys!!

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  1. You are so sweet to give us all props, but you must know that we were fighting over the chance to help host these showers! :) We all love you and I know that each one of those gals feels incredibly blessed to have you (and Aaron and soon Malia!) in our lives. I am a better person from having you in my life and I look forward to the many years of friendship- between us, our husbands, and our children- to come! Love you lady!